WISPnet.ca is an Alberta based rural communications portal. It's primary objective is to be a reliable source for communications information in Alberta. 

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)

There are currently fifty-three (53) Wireless Internet Service Providers in the province. The WISP's register on the site and voluntarily provide detailed network information. This information is held in confidence, analyzed, and the outcome is a series of broadband coverage maps for each municipal district in the province. These maps are then made available to all registered members. 

Rural Municipalities

Rural communications is the fourth utility unlike water, sewage, and power. It is an enabler for community building and economic development. As a utility, rural municipalities must take a leading role to ensure rural residents and businesses have access to reliable communication services. Registered rural municipalities are able to download the coverage maps and then use the maps to estimate the broadband coverage in their area. 

Gas Co-ops

There are 83 Gas Co-ops providing rural Alberta residents and businesses with natural gas. Several Gas Co-ops in partnership with WISPs have taken an active role in ensuring that the rural areas have adequate broadband coverage. This portal may be used by the registered Gas Co-ops to inform them which WISPs provide broadband coverage in their service areas. 

Rural Residents

Rural residents provide their legal address and a list of WISPs providing broadband coverage is provided. Rural residents can use this information to contact each WISP. In addition rural residents can perform a managed speed test to determine if their current broadband service is meeting their requirements.

WISPnet is a Division of ViTel Consulting Inc. Copyright 2011